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The band formed some where in the year 2006 after a year or so of fun and nice perfomences, the band split up but soon after that it got put together again. the original members of BALGIOR that still exist are Lead guitarist: Micheal and his brother the drummer: Bas. after playing guitar for awhile in the band called Mental Torture they found their new vocalist: Jean Paul and asked him to join them and he did. they played some great shows with great bands and also like themself played with some unknown and uprising bands. the old BALGIOR fans weren't dissepointed by the new line-up, because they came back with some old and new material wich totally put them back on the map again. playing shows and kicking ass letting the're music do the talking for them.


Jean Paul (onbekend) zang Sinds 01-04-2006
Michael (onbekend) gitaar Sinds 01-04-2006
Sander (onbekend) gitaar Sinds 01-04-2006
Bash (onbekend) bas Sinds 01-04-2006
Bob (onbekend) drums Sinds 01-04-2006


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