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Pierre Estourgie is Analogic Sound Project, better known as ASP. ASP evolved from the desire to create music without compromise, without having to take other band member’s opinions into account.rnrnAll beats, leads & sounds are self produced. ASP doesn’t use laptops with loads of software and plug-ins, ASP plays LIVE, using the full potential of his equipment. Pierre knows his hardware inside-out – the result of many hours of reading those f**king manuals and trial and error. And if it takes forever to create a good beat or sound, this guy TAKES forever. ASP is not easily pleased..rnrnASP’s first gigs were mainly used to test new music and Pierre developed a sound of his own during these performances. Only then material was recorded. 2006 ASP’s first demo saw the light. The recordings were very well received, resulting in even more gigs, at clubs, festivals and cultural events like...


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