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Hey peoples, Hows life treating you all? I'm known as the local neighbourhood Redi, short for Dave Redi.. I'm 26 years old, born in the Netherlands, raised since I was two near Toronto, Canada and moved back to the Netherlands in 99.

My whole life I've always had this feeling for the music thing, not a day goes by without my headphones on. When I hear something that vibes in the right way it just takes me a whole other level. I've been putting my time, thoughts and literature from pen to pad to microphones for about 9 years now. I started creating beats about 5 years ago when my man Mr. Ramble and I didn't have anyone to make beats, so I figured I'd do it myself!!

Through that motivation I discovered FRUITY LOOPS, ACID PRO and WAVE LAB and have been making beats ever since. From time to time My boy Ramble and I also give hip hop workshops at high schools and school the younger generation on the history of Hip Hop, DJing (by Mr. Ramble) beat creating and rhymes.

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