Supernatural Selection

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The band members are experienced musicians: in the early 1990's singer Prince Naffy had a number 1 hit in Surinam, bassist Max Odarty played with different (Alternative Rock & Grunge) bands in Los Angeles and Seattle. Lead guitarist Steven de Geus played for years with ''The Rootsriders / Tribute 2 Bob Marley'' band, as well as the funky band ''Relax''. Brian Hoft carries the entire band with his razor-sharp strikes on guitar, François van Gijzen shakes masterpiece compositions out of his sleeve on keyboard while Edgar Green hits irresistible beats on his drums.
To get a little taste of the flavor of the album: Unconquerable Lion is a sunny song with joyful guitar chords. 24 Hours empowers you and will help you realize what is necessary to get the best out of life. The title song Mash It Up is all about the love for music, dancing and throwing down a awesome show.

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