Sin Committee

Foto: Cindy van der Meer

Already for some time Victor (drums), Raymon (guitars) and Willem (bass) were looking for a singer to complete their band. Then one night Raymon and Willem saw a gig of the band ‘the Super Sonic Megafuckers’ and were immediately impressed by the performance of guitarist/singer Joris. Afterwards, they asked Joris if he would be interested in becoming their singer… Joris liked the idea and a few weeks later on a hot evening somewhere in July 2006 they had their first band rehearsal. It not only proved to be a magical evening but also the beginning of what would become “The Sin Committee”.

Immediately the band started working on its own repertoire which can be described as heavy, melodic, dynamic a little bit spacey. Take a little bit from the nineties grunge sound, add a healthy portion of (nu-)metal, mix it with some spacey sound- effects, put some melodic vocals on top and sound emerges that could be theirs. The experienced listener will notice the influences of bands such as Alice in Chains, Opeth, Soundgarden, Korn, Muse and Tool in the band’s songs.

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Willem Elbers bas Sinds 01-07-2006
Victor Smeets drums Sinds 01-07-2006
Raymon Vught, van gitaar Sinds 01-07-2006
Joris Bod gitaar, zang Sinds 01-07-2006


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