Stiff Cactus

Foto: Jasmijn Degen

Bio uit 2000: Stiff Cactus were brought together in the last seconds of the nineteen hundreds. Some would say by an act of God, other more cynical mortals would say because Scott and Steve advertised for a bass player at a local studio. Where ever the truth lies the die was cast. Stiff Cactus were set to become the finest "Anglo-Dutch punk-rock trio from Arnhem with an average height of five foot ten inches" ever !!!!?? Stiff Cactus, with their set of self-penned original numbers (plus a smattering of contemporary covers) and with their past experience of gigging as members of other groups around England, Holland, Cyprus, The Falkland Islands and Gemany, are not a band to be ignored !!!

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Stijl: Punk
Vanaf: 01-10-1999 - nu
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